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Yoga of Buddhism


The film describes the principles of true Buddhism established by its Founder Gautama Buddha. The second part of the film contains stories of several Buddhist Masters about how the cognized the Primordial Consciousness and achieved full success on this Path.


Running time:

Part one 50 min.

Part two 85 min.


Download film


System requirements: 2.4GHz Pentium 4 or faster CPU (on slower systems, playing may be skipping).

You can download the films in any of two formats: Windows Media or MP4 (H.264 standard).  In the latter case, the download size is smaller, but you may need to install additional software that provides MP4 video support.

If you system does not recognize MP4 format, download and install K-Lite Codec Pack ("standard" or "full" version). Then you can open the films in Windows Media player or in Media Classic player, that comes with K-Lite Codec Pack. (QuickTime player, however, cannot play these films).



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