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Nirodhi is one of the highest meditative Nirvanic states of developed consciousness. (About the methods of consciousness development see the material on our sites and our video films). One enters the state of Nirodhi by performing the meditation called total reciprocity. This meditation results in disappearance of the consciousness from the ‘center of principal coordination’; on its former place one perceives then the ‘emptiness’. In this meditation, an individual consciousness becomes merged with the Consciousness around.

In the beginning, one masters total reciprocity not in the highest spatial dimension (this is why the followers of Buddhism say that there exist different ‘emptinesses’, which one perceives in different spatial dimensions). The purpose of practicing this particular technique is to gain the ability of entering the state of Mergence with the Primordial Consciousness (the state of Nirvana).

In our practice, one easily masters total reciprocity on corresponding places of power. However, this is feasible only for those students who developed themselves as large spiritual hearts and achieved a high level of subtlety of the consciousness.

Nirodhi is a quite effective means of merging the individual consciousness with the Primordial Consciousness, though it is not the only one.

It is important to emphasize that such merging can be performed only by a developed spiritual heart and provided that one has intense love for the Main Purpose of our spiritual efforts and of our existence as people.

Therefore, one has to begin the Path to It with accepting and applying in one’s own life the basics of the spiritual ethics, with development the emotions of love in oneself, with meditative training on transforming oneself into a developed spiritual heart.