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Nirvana, Spiritual Perfection, Liberation (from the karmic shackles of the material world) — these words mean one and the same thing: Mergence of a developed individual consciousness of man with the Consciousness which abides in the higher spatial dimensions (lokas, eons).

This was taught not only by Gautama Buddha but also by Krishna, Jesus Christ, Babaji from Haidakhan, Sathya Sai Baba and by other Highest Spiritual Teachers of the mankind.

Let us note that Krishna outlined two stages of cognition of the Nirvana: the Nirvana in Brahman (in the Holy Spirit) and the Nirvana in Ishvara (in the Primordial Consciousness, the Creator, God-the-Father, Allah, Tao — all these words are synonyms).

There is a wrong interpretation of the term Nirvana — as one’s disappearance in the emptiness (void). No: it is one’s lower self that disappears in the emptiness (see Nirodhi), but one’s Higher Self merges into the Ocean of the Universal Primordial Consciousness, enriching It by this.

It is for the sake of the development of individual consciousnesses (souls) and further Merging of the the most perfect of them into the Primordial Consciousness that the material world exists: because the development of souls takes place with the help of their material carriers — physical bodies. Incarnations into material bodies are necessary because bodies are ‘factories’ for energy transformation: they transform the energies of food — into the energy of consciousness. That is, qualitative and, to a significant degree, quantitative growth of consciousness is possible only in the embodied state.

The growth of souls and Merging of the most perfect of them with the Primordial Consciousness — this constitutes the essence of the Life of the Absolute, Its Evolution.

Man goes to the Perfection by developing oneself in a series of incarnations in three main parameters: Love, Wisdom, and Power. This is achieved through ethical, intellectual, and meditative directions of self-development.

One can become closer to the Nirvana only by developing oneself as a spiritual heart, which begins its growth from the anahata chakra. (See the film Spiritual Heart).

One prepares oneself to the Nirvana through long meditative training, which can be carried out most successfully on places of power corresponding to each meditative stage.

One’s establishment in the state of Nirvana is not an instant act but the result of repeating entering this state many times; the process of mastering this takes years. And even after achievement of the Nirvana in Ishvara, there are further steps of perfecting this state. For example, putting it in Sanskrit terms, first one masters Mergence with Chidakasha, then — with Turiya (the difference here is not in lokas but in the fullness of one’s perception of the Primordial Consciousness).

Let us note that Jesus Christ metaphorically called Turiya — the Sun of God. This is a remarkable meditative image! — boundless, infinite in size Paramatman into which merges the Higher Self of Perfect Man.

Yet this is not an end to the process of self-development: our Highest Teachers picture even higher and more attractive prospects… (See