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An elevated level of creatine kinase is seen in heart attacks when the heart muscle is damaged or in conditions that produce damage to the skeletal muscles or brain. However it doesn t point to a cause or the location of the damage.

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When ck mb levels rise it is because heart muscles are dying.

Elevated ck levels meaning. Ck may be measured to evaluate myopathy and to monitor patients with rhabdomyolysis for acute kidney injury. Ck mb is found in the heart so elevated levels of this enzyme generally signify a heart problem. Serum ck concentrations are reflective of muscle mass causing males to have higher concentrations than females.

When muscle cells are damaged for whatever reason the ck enzyme is released into the blood. Elevated ck levels are attributable to a primary metabolic myopathy in most cases. Ck or creatinine kinase is an enzyme specifically found in muscle cells.

Serum creatine levels indicate the overall health of the muscles within the body and if a serum creatine kinase test shows elevated levels this is an indicator of strain on the muscles that may have been caused by simply heavy exercise or even something as serious as a heart attack. It is possible to be healthy and have higher ck levels. Since the heart is a muscle an elevated ck level can mean that the heart is damaged as in a heart attack.

These elevated levels usually occur soon after a heart attack states healthgrades. Inflammation in the muscle or diseases called myositis can cause weakness. These are ck mb ck mm and ck bb.

As mentioned above people of african descent can have up to 70 higher ck levels than healthy caucasians 6 5 7. High creatine kinase levels having these elevated levels of the enzyme in the blood indicates underlying medical problems. Elevated ck levels in the setting of diabetes mellitus require further neurologic evaluation.

Ck mm rises with other muscle damage. If this test shows that your ck levels are high you may have muscle or heart damage. Ck bb is found mostly in the brain.

Creatine kinase is often incorrectly referred to as creatinine kinase. In diabetic patients attending our clinic elevated ck levels occur in one fifth and lactacidemia occurs in one quarter. Ck mb is the substance that rises if your heart muscle is damaged.

The doctor will know what tests to request so that proper diagnosis as to what really caused the elevated enzyme levels can be done. Thus it can be used to diagnose certain ailments in the body. A heart attack and damage to the heart muscle cause elevated ck mb levels according to healthgrades.

Elevated ck points to recent tissue damage.

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