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The ck level mostly is not to high and in 48 72 hours return to normal range. Ck levels can be mildly elevated 500 u l in neuropathies like charcot marie tooth disease or anterior horn cell diseases like spinal muscular atrophy or grossly elevated 3 000 to 30 000 u l in duchenne muscular dystrophy or some other muscular dystrophies.

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Ck mb normal range pediatric. Infants up to 30 days 4 8 ng ml. Ck value is from 15 000 up to 35 000 iu l. Tor ckmb ag e il 1 l g l 0 30 d 76 0 4 5 31 90 cl 45 o l s 3 61110 88 0 1 9 7 12 1110 47 0 1 7 1 18 v j7 u 1 7 article on a.

Reference values for troponin i concentrations were. The normal reference value for troponin i of a healthy person is 0 1 ng ml soldin et al. 10 120 micrograms per liter mcg l normal value ranges may vary slightly among different laboratories.

The range for normal varies from lab to lab. Normal these numbers are just a guide. Pediatric reference ranges t ult.

Serum ck concentrations are reflective of muscle mass causing males to have higher concentrations than females. Ck activity is greatest in striated muscle mm isoenzyme heart tissue mb isoenzyme and brain bb isoenzyme. Normal serum ck is predominantly the ck mm isoenzyme.

The objective of this study is to assess normal values of ck and mb ck in neonatal blood according to babies ga. For the first time we list the age related 97 5th percentiles which are significantly higher during the first 3 months of age table 5. A creatine kinase ck test checks the level of the enzyme creatine kinase which is found in heart tissue and skeletal muscles.

The normal range is generally up to 250 u l units per liter but varies by laboratory. Some labs use different measurements or test different samples. Pediatric reference ranges for ckmb are unavailable in the literature although the percent ckmb of the total ck has been documented from 0 100 h.

Ck is commonly elevated in myocarditis of any cause cerebrovascular accidents rhabdomyolysis polymyositis muscular dystrophies duchenne s may have an elevation of 20 200 times normal levels and acute physical exertion. In neuromuscular causes the ck in duchenne and becker muscular dystrophy increased from birth with peak about 2 years of age with progressive decline as the muscle is replaced by fat and fibrosis. We retrieved the clinical files of 140 babies admitted into siena hospital nicu in a 2 years period when ck was assessed routinely to all babies at birth.

Total cpk normal values.

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