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A blow to the chest may be strong enough to produce cardiac arrhythmias without actual myocardial cell necrosis cardiac concussion or commotion cardis. The laboratory frequently encounters patients in which the ck mb is elevated above 6 ng ml but the total creatine kinase ck is within normal limits 30 225 u l.

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This is because the ck mb levels are at the peak between 12 and 24 hours.

Normal ck mb levels. Such patients will have ecg abnormalities with normal ck mb values. To determine if these results are clinically significant the. Let your physician know if you are on any medications so that false positive and false.

Levels should be 2x the patient s baseline. After which they return to the normal levels within 24 48 hours. A high ck with a relative index below this value suggests that skeletal muscles were.

Remember that ck and even ck mb are not as specific as troponin i or t to the heart. If ck mb is elevated and the ratio of ck mb to total ck relative index is more than 2 5 3 then it is likely that the heart was damaged. A ck mb ratio greater than 5 is consistent with myocardial injury.

5 25 iu l myocardial infarction.

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